How we minimize the transmissions of COVID-19 for UT students and locals while maintaining the safety standard for our services.


As COVID-19 pandemic quickly transmitted through thousands of citizens during March of 2020, our Texas Governor has ordered our business and others non-essential businesses to close down.


It was a challenging time for us and many other local businesses that are near UT campus, as the majority of students moved to online classes. However, we knew what we must do to provide safe protocols and services for you and many of our local clients.


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Since our services are involved providing direct contact service(s) with clients, we implemented a Check-in system, visible separators(shield), required mask, and safety procedures to minimize the transmission of COVID-19.


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Check-in and Check-out Safety Systems


With our Check-in system, we are able to provide a COVID-19 Safety Form to qualify if our clients are healthy and safe to continue the services. 


First, we screen our clients through following Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations standards by measuring clients’ temperature when entering our salon, require our students and clients to have a mask on, and limiting our clientele capacity of 50% or less through Appointment-Only. 


Next we ask each of our clients to wash their hands or use a qualified hand sanitizer of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Then we request our clients to carefully read through the TDLR COVID-19 Safety standards and accept it. 


Once the students or local residents complete and qualify to continue the service, our nail technician will pick a color(s) of your choice(s) and guide you to your designated station. 


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Manicure and Pedicure Safety Shields


At our manicure and pedicure stations, we provided a visible separator to ensure your and our safety minimizing the transmission. 


After you are seated at our manicure or pedicure stations, our nail technician will sanitize their hand before proceeding any service(s). 


As you get comfortable with your seat, your nail technician will ask which available beverage that you would like to have today. And once our nail technician gathers your beverage, you get to sit back and enjoy your service(s) 


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After your service(s) is completed, we will kindly request you to wash your hand before checkout. 


At the checkout, we provided a checkout shield for both safety of our clients and nail technicians. And last but not least, we also provide you a sanitized pen to sign the receipt.


As we go through a challenging year that affects millions, if not billions of citizens and businesses throughout the world, 5 Star Forever Nails, we are prepared to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 through implementing a safety protocol.